Curls Dynasty - Go & Glow Multi
Curls Dynasty - Go & Glow Multi
Curls Dynasty - Go & Glow Multi
Curls Dynasty

Curls Dynasty - Go & Glow Multi

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What is this product for?

Glow & Grow Multi For Luscious Locks that are Backed By Science, Naturally

As a dietary supplement, take two gummies a day. No food or water required.

• Paraben-free
• Toxin-free
• Phthalate-free
• Black-Owned We promote that inside-out beauty. Our proven blend of vitamins is perfectly curated to leave your crown glowing and growing.

Psst...You now have daily access to nature’s secrets... ★ Vitamin C: A dynamic antioxidant that protects you from stressors that harm your hair’s growth cycles. ★ Folate: Amps up your body’s cell production to promote hair growth and add volume ★ Iodine: Impressive mineral which levels out thyroid hormone levels to reduce hair loss ★ Biotin: The good stuff. This B vitamin not only promotes healthy hair but aids in the absorption of all other vitamins.

For maximum results, add Hello Growth Serum and Bye-Bye Breakage Overnight Treatment to your healthy hair regimen.


Biotin, Jasmine Oil, Onion Bulb extract, Ginseng Root extract, Aloe leaf Juice, Birch bark extract, Burdock root extra, Coltsfoot flower extract, Rosemary leaf extract, Horsetail extract, Rice Water

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