Kriya Botanicals – Low Porosity Leave in Conditioner
Kriya Botanicals

Kriya Botanicals – Low Porosity Leave in Conditioner

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Let’s face it. Low porosity hair needs more love, hydration and moisture. And it’s about time you receive the proper nutrients to bring a balance back to your hair. We have balanced our lightweight conditioner to your hair’s pH of 4.5 to moisturize, hydrate and add elasticity to your hair. Buttermilk helps to soften, repair and revive dry damaged hair. Kale is considered a detoxifier while spinach is known as a superfood-both containing Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins B, C and E. Does not cause build up and may be used daily. Specifically designed for those with low to normal porosity or light to medium textured hair, Low Porosity Leave-in Conditioner is also beneficial for transitioners.

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